The apogee difference

Group Fitness Sessions

Our group fitness sessions are designed to torch the most amount of calories in only 30 minutes. Led by a coach who is there to encourage and support members, our NEVER PEAK sessions are challenging for anyone at any level.


When you become a member of the Apogee Fitness family, you are gifting yourself with a fitness experience that will give you the resources you need to make a lifestyle change that is fun, effective, and rewarding. We combined our years of experience working with athletes and beginners (and everyone in between) to develop a program that will keep you motivated and smashing through your personal health goals.

Apogee Fitness delivers a fitness program that goes beyond anything else in the area.

Happy people training in our gym

APO Recovery Program

There is nothing worse than having to stop your fitness regimen due to an injury or overly sore muscles. At Apogee Fitness, we are committed to giving your body the chance to recover after workouts, decreasing the chance of overuse injury or soreness. You’ll learn how to effectively stretch and give your body what it needs to recover well so you are ready to tackle your next workout.


Each month, our coaches meet with the Apogee Fitness family. We use this time to check-in with one another, address any specific challenges and to celebrate progress together! This accountability gives our members one more way to stay motivated and engaged with their fitness journey.

Our Community

Everyone is welcome at Apogee Fitness – all abilities and all bodies. Beginners thrive in our program because they receive the experience of our coaches and a network of peers who cheer on their success. Seasoned athletes thrive in our program because they get the tools to take their fitness to the next level. We encourage one another to success!

Join the Apogee Fitness community today and start to be amazed at what your body can accomplish!