accountability and coaching

Why Monthly Check-Ins?

When we were developing the Apogee Fitness program, we knew we had to have a way to give our members the best resources to succeed. Staying motivated and addressing personal challenges was a piece of that puzzle. Our monthly check-in component was designed to carve out time for each Apogee Fitness member to recommit to their fitness journey.


Beginners and elite athletes, along with everyone in between, can all fall into a fitness rut. Perhaps you find yourself skipping a month’s worth of workouts during the cold and dark winter season, or maybe you show up to class but struggle with eating well throughout the week. Staying motivated during your health journey, especially when you are working through a plateau, can be tough for anyone.

The team at Apogee Fitness is ready with the tools to keep you motivated and engaged with your health journey.

What Can I Expect?

Each month, a week will be dedicated to tracking your results. During this time we will utilize our ABA, “Apogee Baseline Analysis” This computerized system is the most trusted in the industry and is the most tangible and objective way to determine your succes

Are you struggling with a weight plateau? Let’s look at your non-scale victories together and develop a plan to keep you motivated during this time.

Dreading an upcoming holiday because of your previous eating habits or challenges? Let us help you come up with a plan to keep you satisfied and healthy, without feeling like you are missing out.

Wondering why you are feeling exhausted and extra sore after workouts? Let’s evaluate your current exercise and nutrition plans to see if there is a way to give you back your energy and keep your body healthy.

Your coaching time will keep you motivated and encouraged. We are here to cheer you on and give you realistic ways to stay healthy in your daily life.

The Bottom Line

We want our Apogee Fitness members to be successful, and success looks different for every individual. Our coaches are ready to give you support and ways to make your healthy lifestyle sustainable for the long run!