Nutritional Support

The Apogee Fitness program is designed to give our members the best resources that will help them achieve their personal health goals. Part of the program is rooted in movement – our NEVER PEAK sessions and APO Recovery Program focus allow members to burn calories and keep injuries at bay. Another key component to Apogee Fitness member success is nutritional support.

Why is Nutrition So Important?

You’ve heard the saying that fit bodies are born in the kitchen, and it’s true. It takes a combination of physical exercise and healthy eating to keep you from gaining weight. However, eating the right foods can do more than just help you lose a few extra pounds. The right foods can also lower blood pressure and cholesterol, decrease inflammation, control blood sugar, and even increase energy or promote muscle recovery.

What Can I Expect From Meals?

Our meals are prepared off-site but available right inside our Apogee Fitness home. You can choose meals based on your upcoming weekly schedule as well as your dietary preferences.

Looking to grab a few prepared lunches that will keep your health on track while at work? We’ve got you covered.

Curious about choosing more plant-based cuisine but not quite sure where to start? Try a few of our vegetarian or vegan meals to see what you like as you start your plant-based push.

Want to decrease your time reading labels at the grocery store as you pursue a Paleo or Whole 30 plan? Use our meals to make success more attainable.

When you grab one of our meals, you don’t have to commit to signing up for a certain number each week or month. Instead, purchase them when your schedule is too busy to cook or to meal prep. You can count on your meal being delicious, healthy, and a part of your success.

The Bottom Line

You are busy and may not always have the opportunity to purchase ingredients for a healthy meal. However, you shouldn’t sacrifice the hard work you are doing in group fitness sessions for a quick trip through the drive-thru. Instead, choose our convenient and delicious meals that will keep you satisfied, even on your busiest day.