our philosophy

Apogee Fitness was founded by fitness enthusiasts with over 50 years of experience. Through their decades working with individuals pursuing their health goals, our founders noticed success happened when movement, nutrition, recovery, and community came together.

Apogee Fitness was designed to provide members with classes, resources, and support that will increase success for everyone.


Our Foundation

At Apogee Fitness:

  • We are dedicated to providing every member with an experience that improves habits and increases overall health.
  • We welcome everyone – all abilities and all bodies.
  • We use technology and science to develop HIIT group fitness sessions that can be adapted for all participants.
  • We provide members with access to nutritional support, peer encouragement, total body recovery, and monthly check-ins.


How We Do It

When you join the Apogee Fitness family, you join a community built on encouraging and supporting one another. Our Coaches get to know you and your goals, meeting with you monthly to track progress and keep you moving forward. We give you more than five decades of training experience, offering you personalized coaching and access to resources that will keep you meeting – and exceeding – your fitness and health goals. This NEVER PEAK mentality is a cornerstone of Apogee Fitness.

Our Apogee Fitness philosophy starts with our NEVER PEAK sessions, designed to burn the most calories and build the most muscle in a 30-minute timeframe. Classes are led by coaches and members wear a device that measures body response to the workout. We decrease the chance for injury or muscle soreness with our commitment to total body recovery, and keep you motivated with our monthly check-ins. Apogee Fitness members also benefit from nutritional support on-site, catering for your busy lifestyle.

Your time is now. You are ready to commit and see what a healthier lifestyle can look like. We are ready to take you there.
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