our community

Healthy living works best in a community, where you can find support and encouragement from your peers. At Apogee Fitness, we know that a diverse community that unites during group fitness can be an unstoppable force.

Find your community here, and let us lift you up as you exceed your fitness goals.



Why Is a Fitness Community Important?

Working out in a group can be extra motivation to push yourself to your limit. But a fitness family goes well beyond high fives after a good workout. Choosing to workout at Apogee Fitness means you are surrounding yourself with a community that wishes you well and that wants you to succeed.

We share our frustrations and our personal bests. We talk about our sore muscles and swap recipes after class. We are ready to live a healthy life – together.


What If I’m Shy, or a Beginner?

Our Apogee Fitness community is open to everyone. We know it can be intimidating to walk into a fitness class for the first time, so we are extra welcoming to beginners. Elite athletes also use our program to take their fitness to a new level. Everyone is welcome here, regardless of shape or size. We are all here to get better together.

We also recognize that while some of our members are natural extroverts, many are not. That’s okay! You can thrive in our Apogee Fitness community no matter your personality type or preferences.

The Bottom Line

Everyone is welcome at Apogee Fitness. We don’t care if it’s your first time in a gym in decades or your third trip this week. We don’t care if you are training for an Ironman or just want to get healthier so you have more energy to chase your toddler. We are here for you, and we are here for each other!