Homer Glen location

Homer Glen Location

Looking for a place to get on track with your health journey? Come to our fitness center in Homer Glen to experience fun and challenging workout programs that produce results! At Apogee Fitness, we start with group fitness sessions based on High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Our NEVER PEAK sessions are the best HIIT workout programs, designed to torch calories and build muscle, all in an easy-to-schedule 30 minutes. Each class at our personal training studio is led by a coach who is there to teach you, support you, and push you to do your best. We’re here to help you stay motivated and engaged on your fitness journey.

Group Fitness Sessions

Our group fitness sessions are designed to torch the most number of calories in only 30 minutes. Led by a coach who is there to teach, encourage and support members, our NEVER PEAK sessions are challenging for anyone at any level. We work with all abilities and all bodies, cheering you on the whole way. On top of that, we dedicate one week each month to tracking your results — using tangible, objective information so you know how to improve.

Joining Apogee Fitness is a great way to maintain a fit and active lifestyle. Through individualized support and monthly check-ins, we provide the accountability you need to move forward. Here in Homer Glen, we’re the local fitness gym where you can find success and meet your goals: Expect customized plans, personalized coaching, and help to achieve a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.


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