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Nutrition Support


Why Choose Us

Does it seem your fitness goals are just out of reach? With Apogee Fitness, you can find a group fitness approach that is efficient and fun, a community to encourage you along the way, and resources that will help you crush your fitness goals.

 No matter if you are a beginner or a seasoned athlete, Apogee Fitness is your answer to challenging workouts, total body recovery, and accountability.

Group Fitness for Everyone

Apogee Fitness starts with group fitness sessions based on High Intensity Interval Training. Our NEVER PEAK sessions are designed to torch calories and build muscle, all in an easy-to-schedule 30 minutes. Each class is led by a coach who is there to teach you, support you, and push you to do your best.

Thanks to technology resources, our NEVER PEAK session members are able to track their personal progress and celebrate their own fitness milestones. Our wearable technology uses heart rate monitoring, giving you immediate feedback on how your body is responding to each workout, and how you are improving.

APO Recovery System

At Apogee Fitness, we understand the scientific importance of total body recovery. Our stretching and recovery regimen, including foam rolling, at the beginning or the end of each class, assures you feel great when you head out to the rest of your day. Say goodbye to excessive muscle soreness and injury by committing to total body recovery.

Accountability and Support

Your health doesn’t end with your Apogee Fitness NEVER PEAK session. In fact, that is just the beginning. We are committed to helping you succeed and meet your personal health goals and know that accountability will get you there. Our monthly check-ins give you the chance to find out how you are progressing and speak candidly with our coaches about your challenges or concerns. We will offer individualized support and give you access to nutrition that can bring your health to the next level.