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At Apogee Fitness, we strive to give our members the best fitness resources in the area. Your journey begins with a foundation of group fitness sessions, designed to be effective and fun. Two things are certain: you will be challenged and you will leave feeling confident about yourself.

What Are NEVER PEAK Workouts?

Apogee Fitness group sessions are rooted in High Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT. Our NEVER PEAK sessions are designed to boost the number of calories you burn during the session and for hours after you leave. HIIT is an intervention that is cardio-based, with bursts of hard work mixed in with active recovery.

Pushing your body in short bursts torches calories, increases stamina, and can even help to regulate insulin levels. Even better, the benefits of HIIT extend well past your actual workout. Your body will continue burning calories for hours after your workout ends.


Thanks to advancements in wearable fitness technology, Apogee Fitness can make your fitness experience even more effective. Our technology is not cumbersome and each member wears a device to measure and analyze your body’s response to the workout. 

What Can I Expect?

Our NEVER PEAK sessions are led by one of our Apogee Fitness coaches. This coach will not only lead the class through the workout, but will also do much more than just give cues or commands. Your group coach will be there to offer tips on your form so that you get the most out of your movement, to encourage you when you feel like you can’t finish the repetition, and to keep you on track during the session.

Our sessions also use technology to assure you are getting the most from your workout. You can easily see your heart rate and progress, giving you plenty of reasons to celebrate as you exceed your previous personal best.

Finally, you can expect a feeling of community in each of our sessions. Our members encourage one another, and welcome beginners without judgment. The Apogee Fitness family is excited when anyone joins our family!

The Bottom Line

Our sessions are short, at 30 minutes, which means they fit into your busy schedule. Our sessions are effective, giving you the movements that will burn fat and make you stronger. Our NEVER PEAK sessions are encouraging and fun, meaning you will leave class feeling confident and proud of your body.

What are you waiting for? Let’s get you started today!


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